I Want To Believe


Release date: August 5, 2022

“I Want To Believe” by singer songwriter “Saven” is a pop rock song expressing the longing for conviction and the struggling with a lack of faith. This spacious hit conveys a sentiment of loneliness and how big the earth and the heavens are when you do not feel like you belong to it… or maybe even deserve it. It raises questions about ourselves that we all sooner or later have to confront.

This earworm takes off right from the start with an electric guitar playing the main melody as some very catchy strumming from a steel guitar sets the pace. When the bass guitar and drums join in thirty seconds later you know this song has attitude and the rest of the track does not fail to keep your interest. It was a pleasant surprise and a nice touch to hear church bells as the song was peaking, giving both the overall musical experience and the lyrics an appreciated extra twist.

If you want a powerful pop rock song with reflective singer songwriter lyrics then “I Want To Believe” is for you. It is catchy, strong and it beautifully captures the emotion of dealing with the bigger issues in life as well as yourself. Listen here!