Culturally confused since birth, Saven is an alt rock singer songwriter inspired by a wide range of genres from the different countries he has lived in. His songwriting explores what is on the edge of his awareness and has been an outlet for him to uncover his own personal blind spots. Even though Saven started writing music at the age of thirteen, it took him over two decades to overcome his fear and debut. Seven months later he ultimately quit his day job to pursue his passion for songwriting. By sharing his own songs and stories, he hopes that listeners will relate and be inspired to take on their own struggles.

Following his debut in 2019, Saven has released popular song such as Falling Falling Down, Tell Me When you Dream and Under A Spell.

Saven is now working with the Swedish Grammy nominated producer Natalie Beabella Knutzen, pianist/producer Chris Tall, previous “Robyn” multi-instrumentalist Olle Linder and former “Riverdance” fiddler David Lombardi on some even rawer material.

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